Bay Outlets



The AGMAC timers are powered by a 7 amp hour sealed lead acid battery which is recharged by a 5 watt solar panel. This means the unit needs no recharging and the box can also be recharged by a 240 volt power pack if necessary.




The 2 pin plug and 4 pin solar plug are sealed connectors which helps keep ants and moisture out of the box. This also means that the plugs cannot be inserted into the wrong connectors. The printed circuit boards have a conformal coating which is corrosion resistant and the steel is galvanised to prevent rust.


Cost Effective

Simple to Use and Cost Effective

The control box and actuator arm are removable (see video) which means depending on the sort of system you require or can afford, you can set up the system to suit your needs i.e. 20 solar mounts, 10 actuator arms and 5 control boxes. The system can in future be upgraded simply by inserting a radio frequency printed circuit board into the control box. This means reduced set up costs and being able to add to the system without discarding anything you’ve bought.

bay outlets

Solar Mount

The solar mount is mounted to any bay outlet you wish to water.

bay outlets 2

Actuator Arm

The actuator arm may be slid over the solar mount and attached to the bay outlet flap.

bay outlets 3

Control Box

The control box slides easily onto the mounts and you simply connect the solar panel and actuator cables.

Features & Benefits


Solar powered
Moveable box and actuator arm
4 pin solar plug / 2 pin actuator plug
Sealed connectors on control box
Conformal coating on printed circuit board
Battery case fixed with 4 screws
Box can be upgraded to full automation
Fully galvanised


No recharging
Reduced set up costs
Plugs can’t be inserted into the wrong connectors
Keeps moisture and ants out of box
Makes circuit board corrosion resistant
Simple and easy battery replacement
No further boxes required with future automation upgrade
Rust resistant