Full Automation

The fully automated Agmac system is an innovative surface irrigation solution.

Simple to use

We have maintained a focus on simplicity to enable people with basic computer skills to be able to use our program. You can work during the day and sleep comfortably at night, confident in the knowledge that if anything goes wrong, the system will ring your phone to alert you to the problem. The system can be accessed and monitored remotely by phone, tablet and laptop.


Easy and flexible set up

The bays are easy to set up on the computer. Once you have installed a watering program, you have the flexibility to change your preferred watering day or time to whatever suits your needs. If the time it takes to water bays changes due to the moisture levels in the soil, or for any other reason, the program can be altered in seconds by changing the percentage to increase or decrease the time it takes to water each bay.


Simple systems check

A simple systems check can be done by just clicking on the bay number you wish to check. You will get a reading of the battery voltage, solar voltage and the signal strength. Each individual box can be used as a repeater therefore increasing the distances that can be achieved across the farm.


Support available

If any help is required when operating the program, all you have to do is click on the help box on the screen and a full list of instructions are available. Our software has no ongoing costs as we do not charge any licensing fees. We also do free software upgrades where possible as we can access your computer remotely. You don’t have to do a thing.

At Agmac we like to work with farmers and through the flexibility of our products, achieve an outcome that suits their needs in the most cost effective manner.